Chrysler intends to protect vehicles bearing its name. That owners with Mopar Vehicle Protection can take their cars to any Chrysler dealership in North America. Relying solely on a factory warranty might not be enough. Mopar offers additional benefits beyond the warranty. When performing heavy driving or dealing with treacherous environments, Mopar protection may prove invaluable.

New and pre-owned vehicles can take advantage of the Maximum Car, Added Care Plus, or GAP protection plans. Maximum Care offers the most coverage and protects more than 5,000 parts. Added Care Plus covers 800 components. Owners can purchase the appropriate plan based on make, model, and needs. GAP coverage is more of an add-on that bridges a gap between an insurance settlement and the money owed on the car.

Leased vehicles can explore Mopar options, too. Lease Wear and Tear helps those seeking excess wear-and-tear coverage.

If you need any service on your vehicle, contact the team at our dealership. The service department is at, well, your service.

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