Value Your Trade-in at Gauthier Chrysler Dodge RAM Jeep

At Gauthier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we constantly work with customers to get them into vehicles that suit their needs. We have an incredible selection of new inventory and used inventory that offers customers great deals and many models. Customers typically want to sell their old vehicles when purchasing a new vehicle to make the most out of the purchase. In most cases, the used vehicle sale is applied as a down payment on the new vehicle they would like to purchase; this process is known as a trade-in. 

Trading in an old vehicle allows customers to save money by using their old vehicle as a credit on the price of the new vehicle. Additionally, trading in a vehicle prevents the added stress of having an additional vehicle that may no longer be needed. Lastly, trading your vehicle in with a dealership if you no longer want the vehicle will allow you to save time and energy by avoiding the headaches of private vehicle sales.

Understand the Value of Your Trade

When you understand your vehicle's value that you would like to trade-in, you will be helping our Finance Centre serve you better. Having the correct value for your car in mind will allow you to receive the most for your vehicle and deduct more from your new vehicle purchase. 

Additionally, by understanding the value of your car before arriving at the dealership, you will have a better idea of the numbers that you will need to work with to leave the dealership in the brand-new vehicle that you desire. A trade-in can sometimes be crucial to making a deal, so you will want to know how much you will be receiving for your car before you look into a new vehicle.