Why Choose Mopar: Mopar Parts Difference

Why Choose Mopar?

Mopar Parts Difference

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Mopar an abbreviation for "MOtor and PARts" and is generally associated with the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram brand.  At Gauthier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Winnipeg, Manitoba, serving Steinbach, Selkirk, and the surrounding areas, you can find Mopar Parts for all your automotive needs.

Mopar is all about customer care and quality service. And here at Gauthier Chrysler, we offer exceptionally crafted new and pre-owned cars, a team of finance experts, service for all automobiles, and Mopar parts. Not only can you trust the name Mopar, but you can also trust one of the most preferred dealerships in Winnipeg, MB, Gauthier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Why Choose Mopar?

If your Dodge, Ram, Jeep, or Chrysler vehicle requires accessories or parts, Mopar parts are your best choice. Mopar components are engineered to ensure your car runs smoothly.

There is a bit of confusion regarding the dissimilarities between aftermarket and original OEM parts. We want to help you understand the differences that include:

  • Maintain your vehicle's performance
  • Benefit from initial saving, and
  • Avoid vehicle failing risks

Whether you own a classic or a new vehicle, Mopar supplies the highest standard and quality parts that meet each vehicle's specifications.

Mopar Genuine Parts Vs. Aftermarket Parts

In general, aftermarket parts might look attractive because they tend to be less expensive than the original. Aftermarket parts production is manufactured in mass quantities. This is because they have little supervision and apply less costly materials, which means they will fail faster than original parts. They may also end up causing failure on other parts of your vehicle.

Additionally, aftermarket parts are not designed to fit your car precisely, which might affect its drive and overall operation. Mopar genuine parts are designed specifically for use in your Dodge, Ram, Jeep, or Chrysler vehicle, letting you enjoy a smooth ride.  And all Mopar parts are backed by a warranty, instilling confidence upon purchase.  You can even have our factory-trained service technicians assist with the installation of your Mopar Part. Schedule a service appointment today and let a professional install and service your vehicle.

Our Mopar Parts Store is full of original Mopar accessories and parts you require. Once you've gone through our Mopar parts catalogue, please speak with one of our dedicated staff who can help you procure the part you need.

If you know the parts you want, complete an online parts request form, and we will contact you once your part is ready for pickup or delivery. If not sure, we invite you to our Mopar Parts Store, and we will assist you in finding the part you require in no time.