Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Getting Your Car Winter Ready

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Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Winter means heading to a hockey game, playing Corkicurl, and snowshoeing FortWhyte. If you want to reach all these activities comfortably and safely, you'll need to be getting your car ready for winter. As your preferred dealership in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Gauthier Dodge has the knowledgeable staff to help you do just that.

What Happens To Tires In The Winter

Despite their designation, You should only be using all-season tires in the spring, summer, or fall. They are wholly unsuited for winter because they start to stiffen at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius. Reducing traction increases braking distance and makes handling more difficult. All these factors lead to an increased chance of accidents when you drive in the winter.

Winter tires remain flexible when temperatures go down because they come designed from soft rubber. They also have deeper treads. This combination increases grip on roads that are slippery and snow-covered. Testing has shown that cars equipped with these tires take an average of 1.82 metres less to stop on ice than those with all-season tires.

When To Change Tires

Unlike some other provinces, Manitoba does not have a law mandating the use of specific tires. However, it does allow studded tires between October 1 and April 30. It would be best to install the correct tires for the season to ensure maximum grip on the road to avoid dangerous driving.

When temperatures start dipping close to zero, typically around late October, you should make the change. You can then benefit from better traction, handling, and braking. You do not have to wait for the first snow. Icy roads can be dangerous long before the first flakes fall each year.

Installing Tires

Whether you have a two-wheel or four-wheel drive, it's best to install the tires in sets of four for maximum stability and control. If you try to save money by installing two winter tires only in the front, you'll decrease road grip in the rear, leading to oversteering. Conversely, installing only two in the rear leads to understeering.

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The automotive technicians at our Service Centre are experts at assessing your driving needs and determining the type of tires you need. They can then make the required tire changes, often while you wait. They can also take care of routine maintenance, such as an engine tune-up or oil change.

Please contact us at Gauthier Dodge for more information about these guidelines or get your vehicle ready for the winter. You can schedule car service at our Service Centre by using our convenient online form, chatting with us, or giving us a call.


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